My name is Dan Bailey from Christchurch UK, a dedicated forum addict and IT guru (well I’d like to think I am)

EmotiPad was born back in 2002 as a first of a kind tool for posting Emoticons (now Smileys and Emoji) into internet forums and emails. We grew to many thousands of active users around the world.

SmileyPad emoticon managerAfter EmotiPad and EmotiMail came EmotiPad 2, EmotiPad 3 (EmotiPad Plus) before we launched SmileyPad as a free version of the software. Back then, paying for the hosting proved way too expensive and we had to shut down the service and cease development in 2006.

This brings us to today, 16 years later, EmotiPad is back with version 4. With cheaper internet costs for everyone it felt right to relaunch. This time it is written in modern .net framework which will ensure we can grow the app and keep it up to date easily.

I hope you have as much fun using EmotiPad as I did creating it.