Post an Emoji on a internet Forum

Left click and hold on the Emoji you wish to use and 'drag and drop' it into the forum post you are making.

Post an Emoji into a GMAIL

Switch EmotiPad to 'Email Mode' at bottom of EmotiPad, and drag and drop the Emoji into your email.

Add an Emoji or image to EmotiPad from Google Chrome web browser

Drag the Emoji or image from your webpage onto your desired EmotiPad folder or browser. If the item is a hyperlink and it won't add, you can manually add the image URL from the Edit menu

Move an Emoji to another folder

Drag and drop the Emoji onto the folder you wish to move to

Delete an Emoji

Drag and drop the Emoji to your TRASH folder or right click Emoji and send to TRASH. When you are sure you want to be rid of it for good you can 'EMPTY TRASH'


Complete help topics to be available shortly