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Version History

15/05/18 - EmotiPad 4.32

Fix: Add Image dialog would not auto create image name
Changed: Moved Theme related options to own sub menu

13/05/18 - EmotiPad 4.31

Change: Various context menu tweaks
Change: Renamed file menu items and dialogs to make clearer
Added: Theme presets

10/05/18 - EmotiPad 4.30

Change: Folder view now responds to mouse down event rather than click
Change: Folder view now selects on right mouse down before context menu being shown

09/05/18 - EmotiPad 4.29

Fix: You cannot now move a image to the same folder it's already in. Not that it actually broke anything, just confusing
Change: Added various validation on Edit Image dialog
Fix: If adding a non valid image via Add Image dialog, EmotiPad told you to use Add Image dialog
Added: Autohide option to either slide left, slide right or send to tray (or minimize if shown in taskbar) when dragging out of EmotiPad
Added: When dragging an image from web to EmotiPad, if hidden off screen it will slide out to accept image

07/05/18 - EmotiPad 4.28

Change: When image names are shown in browser, stopped mouse cursor changing to 'I-Bar' when mousing over text
Fix: Added validation when adding any image into EmotiPad to test if it is indeed a valid image

06/05/18 - EmotiPad 4.27

Added: Ability to 'hide' EmotiPad off right of screen. Support dual monitors (won't work on 3 monitors, unable to test as I'm poor)
Change: Emoji Drone now has a purpose, it's now a game... Level 8 is my limit :-)
Change: Search also displays based on Folder name as well as Image name

06/05/18 - EmotiPad 4.26

Fix: Remap Tool broken with current caching system, caching re-written
Fix: Remap tool completion status text was in wrong area of status bar
Change: Search now just searches the name you have set (or has been auto set when adding) for image rather than complete URL or cached image name

05/05/18 - EmotiPad 4.25

Added: You can now choose any display name for a image rather be based on image filename. This will improve the 'searchability' of your library in the long run

NOTE: This version cannot use databases created with earlier versions of EmotiPad and at this stage in development it's not a issue.

04/05/18 - EmotiPad 4.24

Change: Limit browser view to 1000 images per folder
Change: When importing, duplicate images are removed
Added: Browser context menu option to test selected image in external web browser
Fix: When folder context menu was open, clicking into browser was non functional
Added: Folder context menu export option
Change: Re-cache of Folders only downloads missing images, saving bandwidth
Change: When importing only new images are downloaded

03/05/18 - EmotiPad 4.23

Change: Re-written Load and Import Database code from scratch to make faster and more reliable
Added: Option to export a single folder to share with others

02/05/18 - EmotiPad 4.22

Fix: If duplicates are already in TRASH they are not counted by Duplicate Removal Tool if run again
Fix: Move to TRASH browser context menu option removed when already in TRASH folder
Fix: Browser is rebuilt after Move to TRASH if already viewing TRASH folder
Fix: Browser is constantly being polled for image drag in so we can prepare it for drop, this stops drag drop failing when quickly dragging in from right of UI
Fix: Drag drop images of over 300px horizontal axis are now pinned at 300px and proportionally scaled on vertical axis
Fix: Improved database saving to stop possible exceptions when using Empty TRASH

28/04/18 - EmotiPad 4.21

Fix: Tray Icon now responds first right click and shows context menu (thanks Microsoft for that bug)
Fix: Emoji Drone faces right way when it reaches mouse pointer
Fix: Image Names are now part of the draggable image
Fix: Browser context menu now activates correctly when right clicking Image Name
Fix: In Image Name mode browser images are blocked from being selectable
Added: You can now set background colour of main UI and all dialogs

28/04/18 - EmotiPad 4.20

Added: Add Image tool lets you add directly from Windows clipboard
Added: Show Image Names option for browser window
Change: Applied flat theme to Remap tool

26/04/18 - EmotiPad 4.19

Added: Emoji browser context menu added with various functions which can be performed on a single image
Change: Check for updates tool now downloads and installs update for you
Change: Dialogs all 'flat' themed

22/04/18 - EmotiPad 4.18

Change: You can now drag and drop from Chrome directly into your EmotiPad browser. For a control that does not support drag drop that took some .net kung-fu :-)

22/04/18 - EmotiPad 4.17

Change: Removed folder and image buttons from front of UI for simplicity
Change: Moved hide button onto top menu bar
Change: Status messages appear where image count is so they always show even with a small UI size

21/04/18 - EmotiPad 4.16

Change: Drag drop image now has background set to full transparency
Change: Drag drop image follows mouse closer
Fix: EmotiPad won't crash when you manually try to add a image with invalid URL
Added: Emoji Drone Mode, completely pointless but I like it :-)
Added: Feedback added on all functions in statusbar text
Fix: Remap tool was creating incorrect image filenames

19/04/18 - EmotiPad 4.15

Change: When you empty trash, folder list rebuilt removing empty folders
Change: Folder list resizes width based on width of folder text, making maximum use of UI screen real estate
Change: Set minimum width of EmotiPad so Mode menu cannot be obscured
Change: UI given a 'flat' look

18/04/18 - EmotiPad 4.14

Change: When you import a database into your library the cache for new images is created on the fly
Fix: Re-cache display of URL only shows the actual images being re-cached
Change: Choose skin dialog starts in skins folder
Added: Buttons on Remap Tool to open cache folder and backup library
Change: When loading a new database the old database is cleared down then repopulated.. images are also cached. This means EmotiPad does not need to force restart

18/04/18 - EmotiPad 4.13

Fix: Enabled error checking when upgrading to new version
Change: Caching now creates unique searchable filenames based on image source, this allows search functionality to continue after Remap
Change: Minimize and Maximize controlboxes removed when EmotiPad is set to not show in taskbar. This allows proper 'tray app' operation

NOTE: If you have added to the default library you will need to 'Re-cache' you library after upgrading. Highlight 'Show All' folder, goto 'Edit' menu and select 'Re-cache'

15/04/18 - EmotiPad 4.12

Fix: 'Moved to' text missing
Change: Tray icon animates when re-caching
Added: Check for updates option
Added: Advanced Database Remap tool

14/04/18 - EmotiPad 4.11

Change: Emotipad now has option to behave like a pure tray app and not show in taskbar
Fix: Used count now increments in Email Mode

14/04/18 - EmotiPad 4.10

Change: Reset defaults resets all settings and restarts EmotiPad
Added: Option to start with Windows
Fix: Image used count won't increment unless you drop out of EmotiPad

12/04/18 - EmotiPad 4.09

Added: Search function
Fix: Set minimum EmotiPad size
Change: Sped up database operations in all areas
Added: Add Folder & Add Image buttons to make more accessible
Change: Tidied up all dialogs
Change: You can quit all Dialogs with Esc
Change: You can exit EmotiPad from System Tray Icon
Change: Images are sorted and displayed by usage making it easier to pick your favourites
Fix: Drag Drop image now doesn't show in taskbar
Added: EmotiPad now locally caches all images for faster local use and less bandwidth on host servers
Change: Drag Drop image now 50% transparent
Added: Option to turn on and off use of cache
Change: When dragging into EmotiPad folder is auto selected
Added: Remove duplicate URL function
Added: Scale images over 50px option, drag drop images also scaled

08/04/18 - EmotiPad 4.08

Fix: URL box blanks when navigating folders
Added: Clicking in URL box selects all text (ready for copy to clipboard if you wish)
Added: Hide function to dock EmotiPad just off left side of screen till you mouse over it

08/04/18 - EmotiPad 4.07

Fix: Email mode drag drop from Chrome continues working after drag drop to Chrome

08/04/18 - EmotiPad 4.06

Removed: Drag Drop target for Emoji
Removed: Floating Drag Drop Tool
Added: You can now drag drop Emoji direct from Chrome into the folder you want to save to

08/04/18 - EmotiPad 4.05

Fix: You can now move Emoji when in Email Mode
Fix: URL text field clears after Emoji move
Fix: Finally stopped accidental Emoji moves when passing over folder list

08/04/18 - EmotiPad 4.04

Fix: You can move Emoji from SHOW ALL to any folder, but nothing can move to it
Fix: Moving an Emoji doesn't count as using it
Fix: Passing over folder list on way to inserting an Emoji would occasionally trigger a move
Fix: Default library had been used 1 time

07/04/18 - EmotiPad 4.03

Fix: New folders get a holding Emoji to stop folder vanishing
Added: Full drag and drop between Emoji browser window and folders. Trash and Move buttons now redundant and removed

07/04/18 - EmotiPad 4.02

Fix: Version History menu item now navigates to correct web page
Fix: Blocked user typing on Floating Drop Target tool which created invalid URLs
Fix: Stopped multiselect of Emoji with mouse
Fix: Disabled drag drop icons when in Email Mode

07/04/18 - EmotiPad 4.01

Added - Animated drag drop icons

06/04/18 - EmotiPad 4.00

Initial Release